Thimble Thoughts: June 2007

Saturday, June 30, 2007


We had prayer meeting with the teenagers an hour earlier than usual before leaving for Georgia.




Loading up to go

Cassie and Taylor

Brother Jeff...he wasn't our driver, but he was ready to go!


John O'




LeAnna and Elizabeth


Brother RJ giving last minute instruction before entering the park.


Group Pic!!

Our first ride

The top of the Goliath Roller Coaster

Parker on the ropes

Katherine, Corrie, and Elizabeth in the front seat of the boat ride

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Six Flags

We're back from Six Flags. We had a really good time. The girls I roomed with, LeAnna and Elizabeth, had me prank call people on their cell phones Wednesday night. I was Su Wong from the Chinese Buffet. "Come eat pork fried rice and get a pedicure for two dollar!" That went on, for what seemed like, hours. LOL Not really my thing, but they got a huge kick out of it. Then on the way home, Taylor and Cassie had Su Wong call their parents and a few other people. Oh dear.

Six Flags was fun. Considering the terrible incident that happened with that poor girl at Six Flags in Kentucky, everyone was having a good time regardless of the rides.

We thank Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz for setting all of that up and Brother Greg for driving us safely to and from Georgia!!

We rode the roller coaster, Goliath. WOW! That was fun. Here is a review of the coaster I found on the Internet. "According to the park, the coaster climbs 200 feet and reaches speeds of nearly 70 mph. The massive coaster, which travels over 4480 feet of steel track, extends beyond the park's berm over 8.5 acres. Goliath is the tallest coaster in the Southeast." I screamed so much on that one ride I barely have a voice today.

I have pictures, but haven't had time to download them because I'm babysitting Celine and Carissa today. So as soon as I download them, I'll be sure to post them.

PLEASE PRAY for Celine and Carissa's Grandmother, Mrs. Smart. She is Amanda's mother. She had surgery yesterday and has been diagnosed with cancer. The family is still in shock because they were not expecting the news to be as bad as they heard. Mrs. Smart should be released from the hospital sometime today, Lord willing, and will begin treatments next week. Please lift this family up in prayer. I know they would appreciate it.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leaving for Six Flags

Today I am preparing for our trip to Six Flags. Our Youth Pastor and his wife have planned a trip to Six Flags and we'll be loading the bus after prayer meeting tonight. We'll spend the night in a hotel, spend the day at the park, and be home late sometime Thursday. We're all very excited and looking forward to the trip.

Right now, I have some laundry going and two pots of pintos on the stove. Yes, two pots. Well, I opened two bags and planned on making chili for my hubby to eat on while I'm away, because he was unable to get off to go with us. I stepped away from the stove and when I came back the pintos had swelled up very big and were nearly coming out of the pot. So I had to divide the pot. I'm glad I have my big crockpot. I'll transfer the chili to there when it's ready.

Hannah and Cheyenne are in her room talking and still giggling while Hannah cleans up and packs her bags to stay with her grandparents. Harrison is lining up and running over Army men with a big car. Justin is still at Evan's, no doubt sleeping the morning and afternoon away. And Bruce has gone to pick his mother up from work to eat lunch with her. Isn't he a good son?

I wish Bruce were going to Six Flags with us. I'll miss him. He loves to ride roller coasters and scary rides.

This will most likely be my last post until I get back. And you know I'll have lots of pictures to share.

See ya later!


To Fellow Bloggers

Is it just me that's having trouble posting comments? Everytime I try to post a comment, the comment page will reload. It does that until I have to hit the escape key several times to get out.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Swimming Today...Sleeping Tonight!

Hannah's friend, Cheyenne, spent the night with her after campmeeting last night. They were exhausted when we finally returned home near midnight, but still found the energy to stay up to giggle and talk. Do you remember those times? I sure do!

I fixed them chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast this morning and they ate like little piggies. It was so funny.

They were eagerly awaiting for Mrs. Theresa to pick us up to go swimming at Mrs. Theresa's mother-in-law's home. But since Mrs. Theresa had to work this morning it was later in the afternoon before we were able to go.

Four solid hours they swam their little hearts out. Even Harrison, who really despises pools, found himself swimming and having a wonderful time. It's been so hot here lately, the water was too tempting not to get in. They all had a wonderfully good time.

When we came home, they all changed and waited for me to cook supper. I realized I didn't have garlic bread to go with my spaghetti so I ended up making my own garlic bread using hamburger buns. Cheyenne loved 'em. LOL

And now, as it approaches 11:30, I hear the sounds of deep breathing as three little swimmers sleep soundly on the couch.

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Our Vintage Faith Group singing at Greer Baptist Campmeeting. ENJOY!

My Monday

Bruce finished Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz's toy chest little over a week ago, but couldn't deliver it because they were at camp with our junior kids at church. So yesterday he was able to get that to them. This is the back sides that fit under their bay window.

This is a view of the front. The lids hinge in the middle. You can click on it to see a larger view.

Hannah kept some of the Douglass children yesterday. This is Alana. I played around with this one. I think it turned out cute.

This is Isaac. He's a mess! He loved our hamster and guinea pig. However, I do not think they felt the same about him. LOL

Haili is the oldest and she had fun doing anything Hannah suggested. :) We enjoyed having them here in our home. Maybe next time Malachi and Joseph can stay too.

When the Douglass children left, Hannah and I got ready for a birthday party that her friend, Kendra, was having.
From left to right: Nicole, Hannah, Cheyenne, and THE BIRTHDAY GIRL, Kendra!

Kendra and her mother thought it would be nice to have tea and lunch at a local tea room in uptown Gastonia. On the outside were the sounds of a busy city, but inside held all the charm of sweet, southern hospitality.

This was a wreath by the entrance. I thought it was unique and very pretty with the cup and saucers.

The front parlor was a gift shop. The girls enjoyed browsing and critiquing the things for sale.

The room we were put in was very nice. I loved this and want ONE!!!! LOL Isn't it pretty?

Something that impressed me was when we were seated, the girls weren't really sure where to sit, but Kendra insisted on sitting next to her mother. I thought that was so sweet. The other girls sat next to Kendra.
Kendra Mrs. Janet

Nicole Hannah Cheyenne

Mrs. Ava, our sweet Pastor's wife!

Kendra....she turned her head right when I snapped the picture. :( I'll forgive her since it was her birthday. :)




We had a wonderful time of fellowship, talking and drinking their peach and raspberry teas. And then our lunch was served. There's nothing better than a cool lunch in a homey atmosphere.

Mrs. Janet enjoying the very wonderful Cream of Broccoli soup. It was so awesome!

Thank you for wanting us there, Kendra. We had a really good time. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!! We love you.

After Mrs. Janet dropped me off, Hannah went home with Nicole to swim while I took a nap before leaving for Campmeeting.
We met the church bus at 6:00 and headed on down to the Greer Baptist Campmeeting headed up by Brother Joe Arthur.
This is Brother Mike Owens. He's one of the men that sings in our Vintage Faith group.

This is Brother Joe Arthur. We just love him to pieces!

It was a very busy day, but it was so wonderful. I enjoy the fellowship of God's people and spending time in worship with them.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

What Is It?

Brother Johnny, our Associate Pastor, owns a consignment shop and has these tools he's trying to sell, but he doesn't know what they are. SO! If anyone knows what they are, could you please enlighten us? :)

The are quite heavy. One end is like a wrench or even a wire cutting device. The other end slides up and down, but there's no real action going on that we can see. So what is the sliding action for? And is it a wrench or cutting device on the other end??