Thimble Thoughts: Have You Ever Found Everything Funny?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Have You Ever Found Everything Funny?

I went shopping at Wal Mart by myself this evening. One of my favorite things to do is people watch. And I saw some interesting people tonight. I just wish I had taken my camera to capture these people.

Like the woman at the deli with a bee hive hair do in white walking shorts, black panty hose, and red high heel shoes.

And how about the mother with four children, one of which was sitting in their infant car seat looking around without a care in the world while her three older (yet very young) brothers are throwing everything they can get their hands on into the buggy while mom had her back turned. And then they would look at each other, put their hands over their mouths and giggle at the thought of mom purchasing items she did not put in the buggy herself. OK, I admit it, I giggled too and gave them one of those shame on you looks....followed by a wink, of course. They were just so cute.

There was an elderly man walking behind his wife as she did all the shopping, never speaking to each other, and yet everything they did, they did in sync as if they had shopped the same routine for thirty years.

The little girl in the shoe department trying on all the ladies shoes, pretending and wishing her little foot was big enough to buy them. "Look, mama. These almost fit" with five inches left behind her heel.

I also had one of those days when I ran into everyone I knew. Two people I sort of knew from church, but not really. They knew my name, but I was embarrassed not to know theirs. I think I played it off pretty good though. I've learned that saying "Brother" or "Sister" in place of their name really helps a LOT. I learned that from Brother Johnny. lol

Remember my hood and how it popped up while Bruce was driving it the other week? Well, the hood is definitely damaged. The mechanic was able to get the hood closed, but we're going to have to replace it. While we were driving to church, I noticed the windshield wiper on the passenger side was broke and it looked pretty bad. We weren't sure if it was the blade or the arm. Bruce was going to check it for me later today when he got up, but while I was out I stopped at the auto parts store and they were kind enough to check it for me. It was just the blade so I purchased two new blades and they replaced them for me. Bruce was happy it was just the blade and that it's taken care of. I also noticed there is white paint on my windshield. But I think I'll be able to get that off myself. The car is in desperate need of a washing so I think I'll put Justin and Harry on that tomorrow. Harrison likes washing the car with Justin and Hannah. He likes to control the water hose. I'm sure you can guess why.

I better hit the sack. If I don't, I'm going to start rambling and this post is going to be way too long. "See ya" tomorrow!