Thimble Thoughts: March 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008

Just For Mama Trenton

Blogging can get some people in trouble. Sometimes the person blogging will get in trouble for something they say. Sometimes a person being blogged about will get in trouble. And then sometimes an innocent picture like this one.........

....will get someone in trouble.

Imagine the surprise and confusion when Mrs. Kim's very sweet mama, Mrs. Trenton, saw the above picture on my blog from Easter Sunday and just could not figure out why her daughter was not wearing the beautiful Easter outfit she had bought for her.
Then imagine Mrs. Kim's surprise and confusion when her mother called from three states away and asked if she had seen my blog from Easter. "No" being the reply, her mother then remarked that Mrs. Kim was not wearing the Easter dress that was lovingly bought for her, sent to her by care of our Pastor who was in revival service there at her father's church, and tailored to fit by our own dear Mrs. Gladys, resident church seamstress.
I believe the appropriate term to insert here would be BUSTED!

Come to find out, Mrs. Kim LOVED her new dress from her sweet mama, but there was quite the mishap Easter morning. See, Mrs. Kim ironed her dress, but she ironed the flaps on the side wrong, giving her somewhat of an angelic look. In other words, her hips had wings. But I'm happy to report that today she was able to iron down those wings and wear the lovely outfit that sweet Mrs. Reva bought for her precious daughter.

Now, Mama Trenton, doesn't she look lovely?

And to show the world the fun-loving side she gets from her dear mother, she wanted to share this picture too....

I believe she was doing the "walk like an Egyptian" pose here.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

For Krystin K

Go to my profile and you'll see my email address. Would you or your mom email me, please?

Love ya!
~Mrs. Kristi

You Can't Have It...My Father Gave It To Me

We took our teens to Gateway Baptist for a Youth Jubilee tonight to hear Brother Tommy Steele. I had never heard him preach and I have to say, I was really blessed to hear him tonight. When we first got there, we were invited into the fellowship building for a supper of pizza, salad, macaroni salad, and dessert. I liked the verse they used for their fellowship building, "Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine."

After supper, we made our way into the auditorium for the service.

The "R" family was there with little Jacob, who was quite content to rest on his mommy.

Here's Brother RJ standing with the other preachers and Youth Pastors introducing himself and what church he was from. He was the very last one called on.

Shaking hands

Some of the youth singing specials. I believe these girls were from Love Valley. SUSAN, I believe your brother goes to Love Valley...Brother Philbeck's church.

The youth from Gateway and all the visiting youth were asked to come sing a few songs together. They did a great job.

And then it was time for the preaching. Brother Steele preached on "You Can't Have It...My Father Gave It To Me!"
*You can't have my KJV Bible! My Father gave it to me. ~ Don't let the devil take you away from the true Word of God. He gave it to us and the devil will try to take it away from you.

*You can't have my purity! My Father gave it to me. ~ God made you to be pure. Don't give that up. A story he told was of a girl that was being made fun of because she would not give up her purity like the other girls she knew. Her reply to them when they asked her why was that she could be like them any time she wanted to, but they could never go back and be like her. She wanted to keep her purity because it was precious to her being given to her by the Heavenly Father.

*You can't have my parents! My Father gave them to me. ~ Obey your parents. Live by their standards and by their rules. Don't make them worry about you. The devil loves to see a Christian parent walking the floors at night, crying out to God and worrying about their wayward child. Honor and love your parents.

Great sermon!

A pleasant surprise was when we saw Brother Russell Jones and his brand new bride. He attended our church while a student Ambassador Baptist College and we just loved him dearly. He was always a blessing and a fantastic preacher! He and his lovely wife, Amanda, have only been married since December. December 22nd, to be exact. That's mine and Bruce's anniversary. Isn't that neat? They were so funny. You could tell they were newlyweds. I was beginning to think their hands were welded together. ha!

On the way home, I received the greatest blessing of all, talking to a young lady on our bus. She desires to be used by the Lord and she was very much an encouragement to me.

It was a wonderful evening and I'm so glad the Lord allowed me the time to go.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Normally I clean my mother's house on Friday, but since we had plans Friday, she said I could come Thursday. Justin was working that day at the WWNTBM so I dropped him off first before heading to the park with Harrison and Hannah.

We met a couple of other families in our church that have smaller children and they had a lot of fun playing and having a picnic.


Hannah and Nicole

Picnic time! On the right is Alanna, Haili, and Malachi

Check out Joseph's handful of bologna!

If you look on the table, you see where Joseph's brother, Isaac, was making quite the snack of one cracker and a ton of cheese.

Celine....always ready with a smile for the camera.

Carissa was ready to eat as soon as they arrived at the park. She enjoyed sipping her yoo-hoo

while waiting for her mommy to prepare her lunch. Amanda asked her, "Do you want ham or bologna?" Carissa said, "Bolobobee" which we assumed she meant bologna. It was so cute Amanda just had to ask her again. To which Carissa replied, "Bolobobee."


Harrison, Haili and Malachi were running to the slides

Alanna was walking around just taking everything in.

I had to leave to clean mom's house and Mrs. Amanda offered to bring them to my parent's house if they wanted to play a little longer. Thank you, Mrs. Amanda, we appreciated that! I wasn't sure we would get to go to the park because Harrison was crying with his ear when we got home from church Wednesday night. I figured we would be in the doctor's office the next day, but he woke up feeling better Thursday morning. I went ahead and made a doctor's appointment for Friday morning, just in case. I'm glad I did too, because Thursday night he kept me up all night coughing and had trouble breathing because of his sinuses. He hadn't complained with his ears again, but the doctor said that both of his ears were infected.

I took Harry home and picked Bruce up. We stopped for lunch at Yamato's and then went to Wal Mart to get the prescription filled while we did a little shopping. We ran into our neighbor's daughter and also Brother and Mrs. Plank. Poor, Mrs. Plank...she was bitten by a stray cat when he was spooked by their dog. It was a BAD bite too. Fortunately, their dog killed the cat and they were able to have it sent off to be tested. Her hand looked very bad and very sore. She did go to the doctor and they gave her a shot and prescription. So pray everything comes back OK from the cat being tested. Very scary!

So anyway, we finished our shopping, picked up Harry's prescription (only after we forgot about it and had to drive back to get it lol), and then returned home to administer the medicine and get ready for our night with mom and dad and Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz. We were going to Bob Jones University to see the Living Gallery.

Me and my sweetie-pie...

Our first stop was to eat at California Dreaming. We had never been there before, but Mrs. Liz said it was really good and she was correct! I ordered the Knob Hill Chicken with loaded potato and house salad. And their croissants were delish!

Don't even ask about this's too disturbing.

We finished supper and headed on to the campus. This is probably the best picture any of us were able to get as we entered BJU.

It's been a very long time since we've been down there. It was kind of exciting being on the campus and remembering all the fun times we had as children, running and playing while daddy attended school or worked as the assistant manager in the snack shop. There's been a lot of changes since then!

We stopped at the campus book store so Mrs. Liz could pick up some art chalk for Mrs. Janet. Bruce was looking at books. He was amazed to see their collection of fictional books by JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

We wandered up to the social parlor where the students were found studying, reading, or playing games.

And then it was on to the Living Gallery. People were gathering to enter the Rodeheaver Auditorium.

I was not able to take one picture once inside the Living Gallery. I was so upset. It was driving me nuts! So I'll have to do my best to explain what they do. There was drama. An artist named Claire, was dying and struggling with the truth of life and death. Her Pastor (if you can call him that) asked her to do an illumination on the Gospel of John. During that time, she would read passages from John. After the passages were read, these paintings and many, many more, were brought to life with real people. The "players" of these live paintings were so very still. You couldn't even see them breathe. I can't tell you how close to the actual painting they looked. It was really amazing to see these works of art come to life as a quietness filled the auditorium and you were moved by the beautiful music playing as you viewed the live masterpiece before you. Like I said, they didn't allow pictures being taken, but you can view a few of the paintings they brought to life by clicking here. The Lord's Supper was my favorite. When you first see them, they're moving around for just a few seconds when the lights go out. After about five seconds, the lights came back on and they were in perfect position of the painting. It was just
breathtaking. And the live sculptures! They were my favorite. The live sculptor of Jesus washing Peter's feet was so beautiful. It was so tender. Again, you could not see these people breathing. It was just amazing. I wish I could have gotten just one picture, but I didn't. Maybe next time....yeah, next time. I hope to attend the Living Gallery again.
When we came out, it was dark and the campus was lit up, showing off these beautiful trees.

My mommy and daddy

Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz
Thank you, Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz for a most wonderful evening. Bruce and I had such a great time!
Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz have some great kids. They stayed with their Grandpa Sam and Grandma B while we were gone.
Baby Ashlyn was sleeping when we picked them up. She likes to have her face covered when she sleeps. Isn't that cute? She didn't stay asleep long though. She woke right up when we stopped at Dairy Queen for an ice cream!
Michaela was ready for Dairy Queen as soon as we pulled out of the drive. She sucks on her finger, usually when she's tired.
Grandma B popped her head in the van to say goodbye and goodnight. She's so funny.
Sam was ready for sleepytime too. Their little eyes look so tired!
Tonight, our youth group is going to a youth jubilee with Brother Tommy Steele. I'll have pictures of that! :)

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last night, I grabbed a few shots of SIGMA. Here's Hannah doing bunny ears over Jacob.

The kids gathered in the field for a very quick game of softball. A VERY quick game.
But not before little Garrett was thrown around like a rag doll. I guess it's pretty tough being the smallest guy in the youth group.
Mrs. Liz had to duck on that hit!
Katherine's up!

This is LeAnna's shocked and amazed look. She just had rubber bands put on her braces and her brother says she looks like a vampire. I don't think that, LeAnna.
LeAnna and Taylor
They played one shot of volleyball. Yes, not a whole game but one shot.
We went in for announcements before Brother RJ put the prayer groups in order of the first letter of their first name. There are quite a few teens whose name begin with J,K,L,M,N. Here they are sharing their prayer requests and events of the day with each other.
Brother RJ preached another good sermon. He has several youth meetings lined up before the kids leave for Puerto Rico. I'm looking forward to those meetings. God always blesses when you go expecting blessings!

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