Thimble Thoughts: March 2007

Saturday, March 31, 2007


The couple's retreat didn't start until Friday, but we were able to go a day early and enjoy some free time by ourselves. It was wonderful.

I always enjoy the ride up to the mountains because of the scenery.

This was our room at the Smoky Shadows in Pigeon Forge. Each couple's room was equipped with a fire place and jacuzzi.

This was the view from our window.

After we checked in, we decided to drive on into Gatlinburg and ride the sky lift up the mountain.

Me and my honey

At the top of the mountain was our flag waving us on up.

These are the views from the look-out.

There's a gift shop and snack bar at the top of the mountain. Bruce bought us an ice cream to eat while we enjoyed the view.

I noticed these signs as we rode the sky lift. My only thought about them was DUH!

While driving to an old farm Bruce knew about, we passed the Gatlinburg Convention Center. On the sign out front it said that Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys were going to be there. Of course Bruce couldn't pass by without stopping to see what THAT was about. LOL I waited in the car while he checked things out. It looked as though the place was empty. And it was. We found out that Stanley and the Boys would be there Friday night. But that they were sold out. Bruce was so disappointed.

The old farm we visited was called the Noah "Bud" Ogle Farm.

The house....

Bruce with the barn behind him

Us with the house behind us

Bruce in the loft of the barn

If you'll look closely, you'll see a deer in this pic. We were walking back to the car when we heard the leaves rustle. We both looked toward the noise and there she was. She was so pretty. She just stood there for a few seconds and then leaped a little closer to us. We just stood very still. She got so close we were almost afraid. LOL

We were getting hungry so we stopped at this Pizza Hut to enjoy...what else.......

Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Then it was back to our hotel to settle in for the evening....BUT WAIT.....

One more stop to Wal Mart for drinks and Bugles.

We had a terrific day Thursday. It was so nice spending the time together. We enjoyed it so much.


Friday, March 30, 2007

We're Here

Hello All! We're here in Pigeon Forge having a wonderful time. I'm in the lobby right now since that's the only place with Internet Access.

To my sweet Hannah: Hello baby! I wanted to send an email, but for some reason, it's not sending my emails. I can receive them, so if you want to send me one back, I can get it. I just can't send it.

Hope you're having a wonderful time with your Grandparents. I love you bunches!!

To my handsome Justin: I love you, boy! How did Driver's Ed go yesterday? Did you hit anyone?? Don't tell me if you did. :} See you tomorrow.

To my little Harrison: Hey boy! Hope you're having a good time. If you play Conga, I hope you win. I know how winning thrills you. I love you good!!

To my bloggy friends: I already have lots of pictures from yesterday to share and today really hasn't even gotten started yet, so be ready for when I get around to blogging about our trip.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Goodbye, Peoples!

I thought this cartoon was funny and had to post it. Tee Hee

Bruce and I are leaving for a couple's retreat today with our church. We'll be home sometime Saturday night. Please pray for traveling mercies. I don't believe the hotel we're staying at has Internet access. Seems like they didn't the last time we were there. However, I'll be taking my computer just in case.

I pray you all have a WONDERFUL weekend.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

This And That

This is a this and that post. I decided I would share some pictures that I've taken in the last month so you could see what we've been up to.........we've been very bored. LOL

I discovered that the well-known sports commentator, Greg Gumbel, looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll.

My friend, Rebecca, gave my mother this beautiful tea set. Rebecca saved it from being sent to garbage and thought mom would like it. She was wrong. Mom LOVED it.

We recently had supper with mom and dad and played UNO with them. Take my advice and never play UNO with the men in my family. They all cheat by hiding cards.

Although, Bruce isn't as good as hiding them as dad and Justin.

Hannah played basketball with Tipsy. Well, Hannah tried to play basketball, but Tipsy wanted to play catch with the basketball.

Bruce made these neat totes. It's made like an old timey tool box.

Hannah made this chicken in the crock pot. We found the recipe at one of Julie Fink's blogs. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Julie. It was soooooo good!! I took a picture of it but we let it cook a little longer and it just FELL off the bone. MMMMMMmmmmmm!

I made biscuits using real LARD that my brother gave us. They were so light and fluffy and so very yummy!! I've never used lard before, but I gotta tell makes GREAT biscuits.

I recently went with my Mother- in- law to a prayer breakfast that she had at her church. Check out that breakfast table. Isn't it beautiful?

This is my brother-in-law's new house. They just had it built, but aren't moved in just yet. We were able to take a peek in it Saturday and it is really nice. I couldn't get over the space upstiars. Whoever designed the house knew exactly how to manage the space.

Bruce also made this country style kitchen trash can.

He also made these little tool boxes. They turned out cute as could be. I thought that painted and decorated they would be cute for children to keep their crayons, scissors, etc in. OR they could hold your tools. After all.....they are tool boxes. LOL

Of course we've had Bluegrass practice at church.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
So that's a little of what we've done recently between cat funerals, Pastor's Anniversary, and youth conferences.

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