Thimble Thoughts: Our Youth Choir

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Youth Choir

That Story Will Never Grow Old
Oh No! The old story will never grow old
How Jesus died to save my soul
Oh No! The old story will never grow old
That story will never grow old

This is our youth choir singing That Story Will Never Grow Old. Wasn't that great?

Our youth group is going to Puerto Rico in July on a Missions trip. They'll be helping one of our missionaries there prepare their Bible college for the students coming back for fall semester and they'll be soul winning also. Justin and Hannah will be part of the youth that is going. They are now working on finding ways to earn money and get the paper work out of the way. They have to have a state issued ID. Justin's permit will do, but Hannah needs to have an ID made. So today I went to the DMV with her and her SS number and birth certificate. However, the birth certificate did not have the state seal on it, so we couldn't get her ID today. She was a little bummed out, but she'll be all right. I'll have to work on getting that this week or early next.

Before we went to the DMV, I took a meal to our neighbor, Lenda, and visited with her for almost two hours. I hope she and her husband enjoyed the meal. I did lemon pepper and teriyaki chicken, steamed mixed veggies, cornbread dressing and homemade biscuits. Hannah made them a small chocolate cake and it smelled delish! Mrs. Lenda had surgery a few weeks ago and will be down for several more. She's 62 and has always worked and been busy and is just about to go crazy not being able to get out and do things. She wants to get back to work and go shopping and all that fun stuff and just can't do it right now. We had a nice visit as she told me about her trip to Wyoming this past year and several other trips she's been on recently with her sister. I had a good time talking with her. She's just a really sweet lady.

It's been a very good day with school and getting five loads of laundry washed. Yes, five loads! It's funny how it piles up when you get sick.......or when you just don't do it. *giggle*

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