Thimble Thoughts: Dinner at the Parris Home

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dinner at the Parris Home

Brother Sam and Mrs. Anna have held a special place in our hearts since we came to Faith. Mrs. Anna is a wonderful story teller and Brother Sam is one of the most dedicated Clemson fans we have ever known!! (one toilet in the house has a Clemson toilet seat on it...need I say more?)

It surprised us when they invited us for dinner for this weekend and we were happy to go, looking forward to spending time with them. The last time we spent time with them was at the Clemson/UNC football game, which you can read about here. That was the very sad day our wonderful tarheels lost MISERABLY. We will NEVER forget that game. It was terrible. Last night was a lot more fun for us, I promise!

Mrs. Anna cooked up a delicious meal of roast, beans, mashed taters, corn, a WONDERFUL broccoli casserole and fresh veggies and cantaloupe. Not to mention the four desserts of chocolate chip cake (too sinful), banana pudding, cherry cheesecake, and moose track ice cream! Trust me, we did not leave hungry!

After dinner we talked at the table for a little while, sharing stories of how we were saved, stories of Brother RJ and Katie when they were little, stories of the grandchildren, etc...

Hannah and I helped Mrs. Anna clean the kitchen while Bruce watched Brother Sam and Harrison put puzzles together. Then we retired to the living room for more talking, story telling, and looking at the numerous picture books Katie has made for them.

Justin tried not to be rude, but just couldn't help falling asleep. At one point he was even snoring and we had to wake him up because we couldn't hear ourselves talking.

Hannah was tired too and very quiet through the evening. But she did a lot better than Justin and was able to, at least, stay awake.

Thank you, Brother Sam and Mrs. Anna for opening your home to our family. We had a great time and enjoyed the fellowship. It was a blessing spending time with you!