Thimble Thoughts: Faith Baptist Senior Moment...Mrs. Jenny

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Faith Baptist Senior Moment...Mrs. Jenny

I haven't done one of these in a while. If you're fairly new to reading my blog, I like to do a post every now and then on some of the seniors at our church. You can find a few in my sidebar if you'd like to read more.
This one is about Mrs. Jenny. She's so fun to talk to and I love her so much. I asked her to tell me a funny story about herself and the other day at a birthday party for another senior in our church, she came up to me and said she had been thinking about me the other day and came up with a story to tell me. This is a story of sibling rivalry.
When she was a little girl her mother told her to go fetch the mail. When her brother asked where she was going she told him she was going to get the mail. He said, "No, I'm going to get the mail." She argued, "No, mama told me to get it." This went on for several minutes until she finally had him cornered.
"You cornered him" I asked. She said, "Yeah, and that ain't all. I had a broom stick in my hand and hit him right square on the head." Now at this point, Mrs. Jenny was laughing and bent over with her hand on my arm. I asked her what he did when she hit him and she said, "He fell straight to the floor and started crawling around. But you know what? I got the mail!"
I'm telling you, if you never sit and listen to a senior, you need to. They'll tell you some funny stories!