Thimble Thoughts: Faith Baptist Senior Moment....Mrs. Ola Harmon

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Faith Baptist Senior Moment....Mrs. Ola Harmon

This is Mrs. Ola Harmon. One of the Senior Saints at our church. She is also the Grandmother of Justin's best friend, Jeremy. She is very faithful to church even when her health would keep others home sometime. I asked Mrs. Ola to tell me a funny story and she did indeed have one.
She's been having trouble with one of her feet hurting and went to the doctor. He was going over different medications that he could give her but she was allergic to a lot of them so he finally told her that he could tape a pad to the bottom of her foot, that might make her foot feel better.
"Are you allergic to tape," he asked.
Being hard of hearing, Mrs. Ola didn't quite understand what he was talking about so she said, "I don't know....What does it look like?"
Well, she's giggled about that ever since. She told me I might want to ham her story up, but I don't think it needs it.
Mrs. Ola has many cute stories to tell. She's a very sweet lady and always has a good hug to share.
Love you, Mrs Ola!