Thimble Thoughts: I Have Not Forgotten

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Have Not Forgotten

These are videos of my Pastor's sermon at the Heritage of America Bible Conference Monday night at Springmore Baptist Church. Please keep in mind that the quality of sound is not great because I was using my little camera. HOWEVER! Brother Chad did give Pastor one of those lapel mics, and that helped a lot. Pastor has a tendency to move around and out from behind the pulpit. He can't just stand there. So if he goes out of view, I promise he'll come back. Also, there are three links to click. I knew blogger had a limit on video length so I had to video in segments. But at one point I forgot I was video taping and left the camera running too long and blogger refused it. So I went to YouTube and they also rejected it. I don't know why, I've seen much longer videos on there. ANYWAY! My last resort was Photobucket and they just happen to have a brand new feature where you can cut and edit your video clips. YAY! So the links are there to continue on with the sermon. If you have about thirty minutes to 45 minutes to watch these, I think it'll be a blessing to you!

Click here for Part 6

Click here for Part 7

Click here for Part 8

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