Thimble Thoughts: May 2007

Thursday, May 31, 2007

How To Be Perfectly Miserable

If your goal is to be miserable most of the time, the following ten actions will help you reach a state of misery in record time:

* Think about yourself. Talk about yourself. Drop "I" as much as possible into every conversation.

* Pay close attention to what people think and say about you.

* Expect to be appreciated.

*Cultivate suspicion, jealousy, and envy.

*Be sensitive to slights. Never forgive criticism.

*Trust nobody but yourself.

*Insist upon special consideration.

*Demand that everyone agree with your views and opinions on everything.

*Shirk your duties and responsibilities if you can.

* Do as little as possible for other people.

Here's a prescription for the blues...

If you wake in the morning and feel a bit blue,
And wonder whatever's the matter with you,
Don't go on a grouch the rest of the day
And make other people your penalty pay.

Just try to suppress it and put on a grin,
And no one will know what has happened within;
Just speak a kind word and do a good deed,
And others your action will certainly heed.

It was said long ago and today it's still true-
As you measure to others, it's given to you.

~Author Unknown


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sign Language

Tonight was the last night of our sign language classes until school starts back in the fall. I passed my class!!! Certificate and all. YAY!

Tonight was a fun night with our class. Sis Missy fixed sandwiches and fixins' and we all brought dessert. She paired us up and for the duration of the class, one of us had to sign and the other had to interpret. I'll admit that there was quite a bit of whispering and spelling in sign language tonight. LOL But we had fun and it's been great learning and knowing that I can communicate (a little) with someone that might not be able to hear. Can't wait for lessons to resume!


Hannah's Essay on Commitment

Commitments kids make are ones like: cleaning your room, making your bed, feeding your pet, doing the chores your parents gave you, cleaning the kitchen, and washing the car. Kids make all kinds of commitments.

Adults make a lot of commitments also, only theirs are more important. Adults make commitments like: cleaning someone's house on a weekly basis, teaching a Sunday School class, teaching a school class for someone and many other things.

I know that a lot of people will make a commitment to God even if they don't want to. But they will make commitments like these: praying everyday, putting Him first, loving someone who does not show love back to them, and loving Him more than anything.

If you break your commitment as a kid you could get grounded, not get supper, or do something you hate.

Breaking a commitment to God can get you in trouble. The Lord could make you sick, and if the commitment you made to God is really, really important, He could get you in a car accident or make you fall and get hurt really bad. You have to be responsible for the commitments you make and you have to do them no matter what you want to do.

If you break your commitment as an adult anything could happen. You could get fired from your job, get hurt in a weird way, or end up doing something you did not intend to do.

Everyone who makes a commitment is responsible for their commitment and needs to stick to it.

Hannah, age 12.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hannah's Last Patch Quiz Bowl

The last several years the Patch Bowl has used the same theme as SIGMA uses for their banquet. This year was no different.

The children and those who wanted to, dressed up in their 50's clothes for a fun night at the Old Path's Diner.

This was Hannah's last year in Patch the Pirate Club before moving up to SIGMA next year. Although she is looking forward to moving up to SIGMA and getting to know Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz better, she is going to miss Brother Mike and Mrs. Susan something terrible. She loves them so much and they've put a lot of time into her class and into her personally.

The Patch Bowl is a time when the children in Brother Mike and Mrs. Susan's class gather for a time of food, fellowship, and a bit of respectful competition directed toward their parents. The children go head to head against their parent in answering questions on things the children have learned during the Patch year. Oh my....we (parents) always end up looking quite pitiful.

Hannah and Mrs. Susan

Every year, Brother Mike and Mrs. Susan encourage the chilren to do an essay on a subject they've learned that year. This year the essay was on commitment. There was a contest on the essays this year and these were the entries lined on the wall for the parents to read.

Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz with their children, Michaela and Sam. Cute, huh?

Naomi was kind enough to oblige a picture for me by the giant milkshake.

Of course, Harrison wanted a picture in the car.

Ally is showing her pretty hair piece. Looks real, huh?

Hannah with her daddy

Bruce with baby Abigale. Even SHE had a poodle skirt.

Harrison wanted a picture by the chocolate milkshake.

Brother Jon and Mrs. Susan snuggling in the red car. Awwww

This is Brother Dave Douglass and his sweet wife, who by the way, is in the hospital with a kidney infection. They are missionaries and we love them!!!

I just had to snap this shot. One of the things I liked about this theme was the way the teenagers and the Patch kids enjoyed themselves with it. These boys were behind the counter getting along with each other, being silly, and I caught them with the camera. They were so cute.

Me and Ashlyn, Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz's baby.

This is Mrs. Susan during the quiz bowl against her son.

Bruce and Hannah

The judge's table. Our judges this year was Brother Brandon, Brother Johnny, and Brother Jonathan.

These were Hannah's Patch teachers this year. Mrs. Susan, Mrs. Kim, and Mrs. Jennifer

Paw Paw going against Hannah....she beat him by the way.

This cracked me up. The first round of the quiz bowl is usually always easy. But then they step it up a bit in the second round. By the third round, the parents are at a total loss...literally. Here, you can see the agonizing look by Brother Bruce while his son, Coby, looks on in cheerful glee.

The last couple of questions of the quiz bowl always goes against a few students and their parents or adult of their choice. Each team had to write down all ten Egyptian plagues. The children answered all of theirs correctly, however, the adult team, which consisted of our Pastor AND our missionary, Brother Douglass, missed it by one plague. Boils. But the final question sent the score in favor of the children over the top. Name all 13 judges mentioned in the Old Testament. To which all of the adults threw up their hands and walked back to their seats while Ally McCurry spouted them off into the microphone.

The final score revealed what we already knew. Judging by Ally and Justin D's expressions, you should know that the children won......again.

And then on to the awards. Brother Mike gave Hannah a medal for being the treasurer this year. Each year the children raise money throughout the year and vote on who or what they want to donate the money to. This year, the children raised $100, and decided to divide it between two ladies in our church. Hannah had the honor of presenting them with their gift. On Memorial Day weekend it seemed appropriate that the money would go to the wives of two of our military men. One of which just came back from war and the other who just left a few weeks ago. The ladies were Mrs. Paige and Mrs. Charity. It was really touching.

Hannah received the Peer Award, which is given to the student that showed Christian character. She and Justin D both won that award.

Mrs. Parris, a well respected educator in our church, was given the opportunity to announce the winner of the essay contest and read the essay itself. Bruce and I were pleased as punch when our little girl's name was called. Of course, we already knew that she had won, but appreciated the fact that she was recognized. We had not read or heard her essay until that night and my heart was full as her thoughts on commitment were read aloud. I'll post a copy of her essay tomorrow.

Mrs. Parris presented her with a beautiful plaque.

There are four children moving up to SIGMA this year. They each gave a farewell to their class and to their teachers. The first was Dakota.

Then Justin W


And Evan.

Brother RJ welcomed the uprising SIGMA and gave them a word of encouragement.

The top five score winners will be given a special trip somewhere with Brother Mike and Mrs. Susan. In fourth and fifth place were brothers, Justin and Jaren D. (Please tell me I didn't spell this child's name wrong again!!) They worked really hard this year.

In third place, was Hannah.

Second place, Ally

And first place..............drum roll, please................Evan!!!!!!! They all did a wonderful job.

Me, Hannah, and Bruce after the quiz bowl.

Hannah with Brother Mike and Mrs. Susan. Thank y'all for all the time and wonderful work you've put into my children these last few years.

Ally with her awards

Hannah with her grandparents. Thank you both for being there for her. It meant a lot to her and to me and Bruce.

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Memorial Weekend

Our Memorial Day was spent with some of our church family. Our Sunday school class to be exact. Some of us packed up our families and went to Mount Mitchell for the day. The ride up was somewhat curvy, to say the least. There were a few of us who were turning quite green on the included! We stopped at an overlook to stretch our legs and breathe some fresh air.
The Corriveau Family...Jamie, Rebecca, Ted, and Justin. Once again....Rebecca and Ted are all snuggly. LOL It NEVER fails. :) AHHHH, I think it's sweet.

The view from the overlook

Nothing like a rock right on the side of the mountain to tempt a child to stand on, huh? Good thing daddy was there to help him not fall.

No, Brother Daniel is not going to hit his son. He was trying to get Malachi to make a muscle. Although, it does make for a funny picture.

More view from the overlook

Cheyenne, Mrs. Meghan, and Naomi

Another view...

Harrison with a nice view behind him.


We boarded the vans and headed on up the mountain again until we came to this stop where a few shelters and picnic tables were waiting to be found and used. We were fortunate to find this shelter because people were pouring in to picnic after we got there.

While the men grilled, us ladies grabbed a couple of pictures of one another. This is Mrs. Rebecca peeking in the shelter.

Even the babies enjoyed their Mount Mitchell trip.

Mrs. Tammy and Abigale

There was a small trail we walked down while we waited for the food to cook.

Nicole, Caleb, Cheyenne, Justin

Malachi falling....I would have grabbed him, but it made a good picture. LOL No, I'm kidding. He fell before I knew he was falling. LOL Sorry Meghan and Daniel. But he's a're used to him falling.

Brother Chris, a master at the grill
People enjoying their lunch

Amanda REALLY enjoying her lunch

After lunch we hit another trail. This one was a bit longer and eventually came to a stop before we had to turn and come back.

Celine's daddy, Brother Chris

The trail was hard on little bitty legs and the little bitty legs collapsed when we finished the trail. But yay for Cameron! He made it!!

This was the view from when we exited the trail.

Malachi blowing a wish weed....just before he made two tumbles down the mountain. Good thing his daddy was catch the little guy.

Haili...isn't she just so cute? Can you say courtship? Hey, it's never too early to pray. :)


These beautiful rhododendron were growing on the side of the mountain. At least that's what I think they were.

Naomi looking up at her parents. Don't you just love her hair?

A view from another overlook

Cheyenne posing pretty

This is Brian, Amy, and Cameron. They are the newest members of our church. I'm glad they were able to go on this trip because they were a lot of fun to get to know. A little on the crazy side...they'll fit right in!!!!

Brother Ken with two of his beauties...Naomi and Cheyenne

Meghan and Daniel

Hannah and Mrs. Rebecca

Bruce and Hannah


We drove down the mountain and back into town. We got back to the church between 6:00 and 7:00. Brother Joel asked if we wanted to go back to their house for Tex Mex and a game of "Imagine If." It was great because the men grilled our lunch and THEN went out to buy the ingredients for the Tex Mex..........AND cooked that too.
Bruce grated the cheese for cheese sauce.....

Brother Daniel cleaned and prepared the shrimp...

Brother Brian cut up the peppers and onions

and Brother Joel cut up the chicken.

As always, it was some good eatin'.
We played "Imagine If" which is a lot of fun. If you like board games, you'll like this one. It's for up to eight players and can be really funny.

You probably noticed that Justin was nowhere in my pictures of our trip. That's because he wasn't there. He spent a fun filled day in the sun, swimming with the McCurry family and ordering pizza for lunch. Followed by going to a game. He's a little red faced here and tired here, but he's well rested and tanned today.

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