Thimble Thoughts: Two Updates

Monday, July 21, 2008

Two Updates

After dropping Justin off at work this morning, I stopped by mom's to drop off some clothes for Hannah. She'll be staying with mom for a couple of days to be company for her and to help her around the house and getting back and forth to daddy's hospital room.

Mom spoke with daddy this morning, who should have been in dialysis, but they were running late. They told him that since he is dressing himself, bathing himself, and feeding himself, they see no reason to send him to rehab. I have mixed emotions about this considering they wanted to send him to Charlotte just two days ago. But I'm happy to hear they feel he's doing so well. I don't know when they'll send him home. Maybe in the next couple of days. We'll see. He requested mom bring him pudding, jello, and snack crackers. So I'm assuming he won't be home today.

Hannah updated her blog. Click here to read a little bit about her trip to Puerto Rico. I'm sure she would love a comment from you!

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