Thimble Thoughts: More Good Manners......

Friday, June 23, 2006

More Good Manners......

Per request of Tami from Mamma's Quiet Time, here are a few more entries from Good Manners for Young Americans.

The elderly are special people to me and so I have chosen entries from the chapter titled Good Manners With Older People. Now, I'm sure this is not intended JUST for the elderly, but children today need to learn respect and courtesy toward the older generation. This, of course, is my humble opinion. :O)

Rise when older people enter the room and see that they are comfortably seated before you sit down. Be especially courteous when conversing with older people. Never interrupt them.

Pupils, either boys or girls, who happen to be at the door when a teacher approaches, open the door for the teacher, and, should the teacher be carrying anything heavy, boys offer to carry it. Always stand aside for an older person to pass through a doorway.

When you get to school, go at once to your seat; get to work immediately without the teacher having to tell you!

The books and papers on a teacher's desk belong to her or to the school. You have no more right to read any writing she may have left on her desk than you have to read other people's letters.

Do not answer a question addressed to some one else. Do not make fun of another's mistakes. Remember, He who laughs at other's woes, Finds few friends and many foes!

Always rise when addressing your school teacher, principal, or Sunday School Teacher. I thought that one was interesting because this was a school text book and they made reference to the Sunday School teacher. That was good.

Opening the door for a young lady or older person, is an act of a gentleman.

Ok, this is my favorite one for the day. This one needs to be taught to ALL children today. Everytime my kids go away from me I always tell them, "Remember your name." In other words, what people see in your actions reflect on me and and your dad. But more importantly, it refelcts on Christ.
Do not cast a poor reflection on your parents and school by failing to be courteous in all situations.