Thimble Thoughts: Good Manners In Introductions

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good Manners In Introductions

A good manner often succeeds when the tongue has failed. - Magoon
I am not sure that I know who Magoon is, but he said a mouthful there. Sometimes my mouth runs away with me, but if I have good manners, they usually cover up where my mouth has made a mess. :)
There are right ways and wrong ways to make introductions. If a boy or girl is being introduced, he or she should acknowledge the introduction by saying, "How do you do, Mrs. Smith?" or just, "How do you do?"
If a stranger comes to your home or school and is introduced to you, it is proper to add to "How do you do?" some expression of your pleasure at the meeting, such as, "I am pleased (or glad) to meet you."
If making a former introduction, it is proper to speak both names distinctly as: "Mrs. Smith, may I present Miss Davis?"
Saying the word "present" there sounds so formal for these days, doesn't it? What word do you think you would use in its place?
When introducing a special speaker where there is a head of assembly, say: "Mr. President (or Chairman, or Madam Chairman, if a woman), I have the honor to present Mr. Mason."
A boy or girl should always introduce a friend to his or her parent by simply saying, "This is my father (or mother), Mr. Wilson."
When making any introduction, always use a pleasant tone of voice and smile. And always speak clearly making sure to pronounce the names clearly.
When introduced to another person, always appear to be glad to make their acquaintance. This will help make the other person feel at ease. Also, be sure to include him or her in any conversation at the moment.
Well bred boys or men always rise when being introduced or presented to men or women. Girls and women do not rise unless being introduced to an older lady or distinguished or elderly man. If a boy is introduced to a girl, she may keep her seat.
A bow on the part of the girl or woman should always be acknowledged with a return bow.
I don't think I have ever been bowed to, but I think I'll bow to someone this evening at church. Try it to see what kind of response you get and let me know.
In this country, when men or boys are introduced they usually shake hands. Girls and women may do so, although it is not usually done. If a boy or man is introduced to a girl or woman, it is her privilege to offer her hand if she wishes. Should a man offer his hand, however, then the courteous girl or woman accepts it.
In taking leave of a new acquaintance, the courteous boy or girl says, "Good-bye; I am glad to have met you," and may shake hands. It is proper for the man or boy to reply with a "Thank you" and a few words expressing a hope that they shall meet again. The girl or woman does not add anything to the "Thank you."
I'm planning on putting these into practice soon. How about you?