Thimble Thoughts: Faith Baptist Senior Moment....Mrs. Church

Monday, January 15, 2007

Faith Baptist Senior Moment....Mrs. Church

Mrs. Church must be one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet. A widow, she has dedicated her life to the Lord ministering to others in any way she can. Through an encouraging word or a time of prayer, cards, etc. She can be called on in any situation and always has a sweet spirit to lend a helping hand. We love Mrs. Church at Faith Baptist Chruch!
We always give praises before our prayer requests in the ladies prayer room and yesterday Mrs. Church had one to share.
She has a very bad knee, often dealing with great pain and most likely will need a knee replacement in the near future. She looked out her window the other day and noticed that a trash bag had flown out of the trash can into her yard. She said, "Lord, please don't let that bag go any further, I just don't feel like walking across the yard to get it." She went to put her shoes on and when she came back and opened the door, the bag had flown up on her porch and landed right in front of the door. Now, isn't that God showing how He cares about the "little" things? What a great story. And what a great lady!
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