Thimble Thoughts: May 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Before and After and Some Other Stuff

Hannah got her hair cut yesterday and then we went to the DMV and had her ID made for her mission's trip to Puerto Rico.

She's got a new do, her ID, and her plane ticket is with Mrs. Janet. The last thing on her things to do is shop for some new clothes. She's ready for that. I am too. Who's not ready for shopping??

I'm a little concerned about my arm. It's really red around the area where the doctor took off the skin tag. It's also burning a little bit along with the pain that hasn't really let up since Tuesday. I hope I'm not getting an infection. I'm taking an antibiotic, so maybe that will help until I get to the doctor next week. My appointment isn't until next Friday, but if it's still hurting Monday, I'll most likely go ahead on in.

Bruce ran some errands today and then I met him for our weekly lunch date. We ate at a Japanese restaurant. It was good.

We stopped for an ice cream at McDonald's. We chatted for a while and then bought some ice cream sundaes to take home for the children. They were happy to see those when we got home. Bruce and I laid on the couch for an hour and then he got up to go to work and I went to clean mom and dad's house.

Tomorrow morning I'll do my grocery shopping while Bruce works on the washing machine, stop to see some friends tomorrow afternoon, and then tomorrow night Justin and I will participate in a Patch the Pirate Quiz Bowl the fourth through sixth grade class has every year. We'll be heading to Dairy Queen after that. Ice cream is good in the summer time, yes?

Right now I'm going to get ready for bed, doctor my boo boo, and hit the sack! I'm plum tuckered out.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

PR.....(Procedure Room?)

I had a skin tag that decided to grow on the tip of my nose. It didn't hurt or anything but it was definitely annoying to have people say, "Kristi, you have something on your nose." Something like that can cause quite a mental disturbance. Mander said to reply back, "Get it off for me." Ha!

I clipped it off a couple of times but it kept coming back. Bruce told me to have it taken off so I made my appointment for this past Tuesday. He was surprised to find out I had actually made an appointment (cause I do not do doctors!) and suggested I have one under my arm removed too since I was going to be there anyway. I've had that one since I was born. It's never given me any problems but I asked her to get that one too when I went in. She looked at it and said, "Sure, I can get that one too."
Now, keep in mind I had thought all along I would get a couple of snips and be on my way home.
Boy, was I wrong!
She told me she would give me a shot (IN MY ARMPIT) to numb the area. While I was numbing she would burn the one on my nose and then she would cut the one under my arm. She said it was a little too large to just snip off and it would take about three snips, that's why she suggested the shot. "To be on the safe side we'll do a tetanus and I'll give you an antibiotic to take home too." Then she stuck her head out the door and told the nurse what she was doing and to"...please prepare the Procedure Room."
Procedure Room?!!
OK, so now we've gone from a couple of snips and go home to me getting shots, burns, and three snips in the PROCEDURE ROOM!
I waited in the PR by myself thinking about this. Suddenly I was scared and wanted Bruce there to hold my hand. It didn't make matters better when I saw the little table next to me baring scissors, needles, and bandages.

When she came in the PROCEDURE ROOM she could tell I had worked myself up into a frenzy. She was so sweet and calmed me down before she started.
First....the armpit shot! OW! That is SUCH a delicate place...did you know? BTW, I learned that my insurance pays better if she tells them it was my axilla and not my armpit.
Then....the nose burn. That made my toes curl and knees lock. A few seconds seemed like a full minute. I was glad when she let go. But she felt she needed to do one more.
Another few seconds and voila. I now have a blister on the end of my nose.
Next....the armpit! I couldn't feel anything, but I knew she was cutting. Yep, three snips, just like she thought.
Oh, here's the best part...."Hey, I got the little sucker, you wanna see it? Looks like it goes down pretty far, though, so I'll need to get a scalpel to cut and remove the rest."
"Yeah, don't let the big words scare you."
"Well, stop using the big words and I won't be scared."
She cut some and then burned it because it was bleeding pretty bad. Slapped a band aid on it and it was finally over. Oh it wasn't.
"Let me burn the one on your nose just one more time. It's actually bigger than it looks. As a matter of fact, I want you to come back in two weeks so we can burn it again."
After that last burn, I sat in the hall waiting for my tetanus shot. "This won't hurt," the nurse said.
"What do you mean?"
"You won't be sore later."
She lied. She lied. She lied!

I was only comforted at the thought of my giant jug of shaved ice, waiting for me at home, given to me by my friend, Amy, the day before. Ahhhh, what a nice comfort to come home to. I sat down with my big jug and spoon and enjoyed every cool bite.
Amy, thanks for the shaved ice. Your jug is in Mrs. Janet's office.

I'll admit that where I got my tetanus is not as sore as I suppose it could have been, but it still made my shoulder sore. My nose has a little blister on it but that's going away...I think. And my underarm is still in a good deal of pain. But this too shall pass.
Poor me.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to all of our Veterans who have served and are
serving on land, in air, and at sea to fight and protect the freedoms we enjoy
today! We appreciate every single one of you.

I hope y'all had a great Memorial Day weekend. We sure did.

Several of us got together for a trip to Dollywood. Dollywood was good, but the fellowship was the best for me. And the ride up and back was hilarious.

We checked into our hotel, went to lunch at Duff's, and then headed to Dollywood.

How come they don't make these strollers for adults? Bruce and I were wondering.

First stop....carousel! As you can see, Celine loved it.

Pam and Amanda

Bruce and Jordan

Woo Hoo! This was Celine's first time on this big ride. She was a little nervous, but we rode together and she laughed and squealed the whole time.

Bruce and me and Pam rode this disc ride. It wasn't scary, but it was, hmmm.......belly churning. While the disc took you back and forth on the coaster rails, it would spin you around. Some of our group were several rides away and knew where we were from our screams.

The lines weren't too bad. We waited the longest here at the water ride. I took this picture from a small hole in the wall where we were standing in line.

We just can't seem to go anywhere without Bruce getting into trouble. Whatever will I do with him?

Pam and me

Kelly bought some flip flops...several pairs.

Brother Brad killed over when he heard of all the shopping Kelly had done in the park.

Harrison was dirty, so he stopped for a shower.
Harrison rode the Thunderhead Roller coaster with Brother Brad and then he rode it with me later in the day. I was really proud of him, even though it scared him slap to death. I have a picture I'll have to scan for ya. It'll!

We had fun in the park. But all good things come to an end. Before we knew it, it was time to go. When we got back to the hotel we decided to go eat.
Abigale wanted a nap! Look at those sleepy eyes.

Pam waiting by her door until Brother Joel came with an actual working key.

We ate at the Texas Roadhouse. Cameron was lovin' those rolls and butter.

But after a several hour road trip, fun at Dollywood, and getting his little belly filled, the little guy just couldn't make it any longer.

After supper, we went back to the hotel to help Brother Chris celebrate his 30th birthday. He loves golf, so Mander had Mrs. Amy make him this birthday cake. Isn't it great?

He really liked it.

The cake was delish! We had ice cream sandwiches to go with it.

Elizabeth ate her cake and then disappeared. Later we found out she went straight to the room and passed out from exhaustion. It was a long day for the babies. ;)

The little girls were playing ring around the rosie and other games, having a marvelous time.

And some of the kids were swimming.

We had a really good time and enjoyed the fellowship so much.

Sunday morning our Veteran's Memorial Wall was unveiled. It was touching to see the soldiers who have served and are serving now. And yes, I cried when the ushers unveiled it.

Top row, third from left to the end is Bruce's daddy (Navy), Bruce (Air Force), Bruce's brother Mitch (Navy) and Bruce's Uncle Carvel (Navy).

Top row second from left and third from left is my daddy (Air Force) and my brother, John (Navy.) I didn't see my brother Larry's picture up there. He had served in the Army. I'm guessing mom wasn't able to get a picture of him to Brother Cohen, who put the Memorial Wall together.

My sweetie with a few other "front porch boys."

Sunday night we ate El Titanic with the Ross and Rohrer family. I just couldn't resist asking if I could have my picture taken in the restaurant's sombrero.

After dinner, I took "the lady's" home while Bruce and Brother Rohrer took the boys to Wal Mart to pick up some things needed for the Memorial Day picnic we were having Monday with our Sunday school class.

We met at Brother Brian and Mrs. Amy's house Monday afternoon and had a wonderful time. This is Tammy, our Sunday school teacher, cuttin' maters for the burgers.

Mom and dad aren't in our Young Married class, but they're the resident grandparents and parents of everyone in our class, so they came too. Along with their patriotic rocking chairs. They were content to sit and watch us play kick ball.

Content to watch.....until the go-cart was brought out, that is. Mom couldn't wait for Hannah to ride her around the field.

Daddy was next. He was not as enthusiastic as mother, but he got in and made Hannah happy.

Joseph sat in the little tykes car falling asleep. He fought with his brother Isaac for the driver's seat and won. Then decided it was time to just sit and relax.

Maw Maw and Ethan went inside for a cold drink of soda and Enfamil.

Joseph woke up for Bruce to push him up and down the field. Bruce was ready for a nap after that!

Isaac liked the fact that drinks were so easily accessible.

Motorcycles were also on the list of activities, thanks to Brother Todd. Hannah loved it and is now waiting for us to get HER one!


Harrison waited patiently for someone to ride him on the go-cart or motorcycle. That's Jamie and Bailey behind him.

Joseph and Alanna managed to persuade Brother Todd into pushing the car around the field for them. See that field?

Little Abigale had a blast riding with her mommy in the go-cart while Cheyenne jumped hills and dodged kick balls, footballs, and softballs. Yep....perfectly safe day!

Mrs. Amy's feet got a little dirty......

...but Celine's feet got REALLY DIRTY! She could grow corn between those toes.

That was our Memorial Day weekend. What did you do?

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