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Friday, July 18, 2008


What type of Mother Hen Are You?
by Educational Resource

I found this at the Jungle Hut and decided to do it. Let me know if you do it too.

Bruce and I went to pay the mechanic for our car tonight. I thought we were going to pick it up, but then Bruce said it was due for inspection and the Check Engine light was on. SO! We paid the man for the job he had already done and told him to go ahead and inspect it. Who knows what he'll find out about why the Check Engine light is on. *sigh*

On the way to see daddy, we stopped at a little country store (the one where I broke down last Friday) and bought a soda and double decker chocolate moon pie. I looked down at Harrison, who had devoured his moon pie, and there was chocolate from ear to ear. Bruce saw him and said, "Boy! That moon pie must have been too big for your face!" lol

So, we saw my dad tonight. (Bruce, dad, my brother John)

There's really no more to tell than what we found out yesterday. He is seeing things that aren't there. Such as a black dog, a midget woman in a yellow dress, small children, etc. He knows it's strange that he would be seeing these things and they're not really there. But he can't explain it. Something else I've noticed is that his hearing is backwards. In other words, if something makes a sound on the right, he hears it on the left. Same with the other side.

His white blood count is over 23,000 now, they've put him on IVs with antibiotics and they ran a test on him tonight to see if they could figure out exactly why his counts are so high. We won't know the results from that until sometime tomorrow. Always tomorrow.

(my brother and dad)

We stopped for a bite to eat after leaving daddy and then went to check on my mom. Bruce bought us all a Wendy's frosty and we sat in her living room eating our ice cream and laughing at old stories.

My kids will be home tomorrow. I was going to go to the airport with some other parents, but after checking with Mrs. Janet today and hearing that Pastor did indeed say from the pulpit that he would prefer the parents meet their children at the church and not the airport, Bruce and I decided we would respect those wishes and so I will see my darlings tomorrow night, about 7:30ish, at the church. I am so excited about seeing them. I haven't heard from them since Sunday. So this mama hen is ready for her chicks to return home!

I think a traditional, all American supper will be on the menu for tomorrow night. PIZZA! They'll be happy about that, I think, especially since I've heard that the Sam's Club there is not like the Sam's club here. Instead of isles and isles of different foods, there are isles and isles of large cans of refried beans. I heard that Brother Johnny was smuggling several packs of quick gravy for biscuits and gravy. I wonder how that worked out.

Sun Drop! It's for what ails ya.

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