Thimble Thoughts: Not Going To Rehab....YET!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not Going To Rehab....YET!

The Lord did answer a prayer today concerning daddy going to rehab. Mom and I were a little concerned about him going just yet because it was really too far away and we wanted to find him a place closer to home. But also because we just didn't feel he was ready to leave the hospital yet. We were right!

He is still having those little episodes I told you about. Mom saw him have one again today. But the reason they're keeping him is because just sitting up in bed makes his blood pressure drop extremely low. Also, the disease control doctor was in and concerned because his white blood cell count was over 20,000. He believes he may have an abscess in his stomach from the surgery. Remember the SURGERIES?? UGH! Let's not even get started on that right now.

Anyway, mom did get her Family Medical Leave approved and daddy's stay in the hospital will buy us a little more time of finding a rehabilitation center closer to home. We hate there are other health issues keeping him there, but thankful he is not being moved at this time.

Our family thanks you for your prayers!