Thimble Thoughts: And Then There Were Three

Friday, July 11, 2008

And Then There Were Three

I got the kids up at 6:30 and while they dressed and got ready to leave for their trip to Puerto Rico, I made chocolate chip pancakes. But we were out of syrup. Well, I thought we were. We actually had a very small amount of maple syrup and we did have a brand new bottle of Karo syrup in the baking cabinet. So, that worked! The kids love chocolate chip pancakes and I knew they would enjoy those this morning. I was right.

Once they were dressed, fed, and ready to go, Bruce and I had a time of prayer with them and then we were off!

We stood around waiting to board the bus and everyone chatted, hugged, told plane crash stories, bomb threat stories, etc.

They'll be hiking through a rain forest so Bruce gave our kids a piece of advice..."Walk in the middle of the group so if anything jumps out to bite, they get someone on the outside of the group. And don't have to outrun anything. Just the person you're with." Yeah, that's good advice from their dad, huh? lol

Time for a group pic!

Next was checking to make sure everyone had their IDs.

Then it was hug time! This is Taylor and her mom, Kim.

Time to board the bus!!

Jeremy saying goodbye to his Grandma H

Jeremy, Parker, and Justin....what is up with Justin's smile?? LOL

Hannah got on the bus when told and then got stuck when she wanted to give us a hug, so Bruce and I hopped on the bus too. There was no way our little girl was leaving without that hug!!!

Of course, we weren't the only parents hopping the bus for hugs! (Rebecca and Jamie)

Mrs. Marla was driving the bus to the airport. Between driving that big bus and her daughter flying out today also, looks like she's already losing her mind!!

We're gonna miss those younguns! We're praying they'll have a great time with their church family and our missionary. But most of all, that the Lord will show them what the mission field is all about and give them a vision and love for lost souls.

THIS JUST IN: Hannah called on Justin's cell to say hello. They were getting ready to eat at a Sizzler there in Puerto Rico! Sure was good to hear that little voice.

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