Thimble Thoughts: Even In The Valley, God Is Good

Monday, July 14, 2008

Even In The Valley, God Is Good

It's late and I'm tired. I've already been to bed once, but I just had to thank the Lord tonight.

As most of you know, my sweet daddy is in the hospital. After running tests today, they have determined that his loss of vision is due to a stroke he had on the lower right side of his brain. When I heard that news today I didn't know what to think. There I was, stuck at home (remember my car is in the shop) feeling helpless and useless. I wanted so badly to be with both of my parents.

Mrs. Kim O' called me just as I was beginning to have my melt down and was so sweet to pray with me over the phone. God sent her at just the right time. Thank you, Mrs. Kim, for being there today. I appreciated that time of prayer.

Numerous men from our church have emailed asking if there was anything they could do. And I thank them for their concern and willingness to help and be a blessing. Thank you, Jonathan, for going to see daddy and standing in the gap for Pastor Goodman, your dad, and Brother RJ, when they couldn't be here. Thank you, Brother Randy and Brother John C, for taking the time to visit and give encouragement. And thank you to whoever else may have visited that I don't know about yet.

My mother showed up on my doorstep tonight just after 6:00. She was tired and hungry. I was able to fix her supper and eat with her. After we ate, Harrison and I packed our bags and came home with mom to spend the night. We meet with the Neurologist in the morning. Please pray he has a good prognosis for daddy's vision.

Mom was on her way to bed and I was going to run Harry some bath water. Just as he and I were headed to the bathroom, I heard my mother say, "There's no water. We have no water." Sure water! I felt so sorry for her as she leaned over the sink on the verge of tears. "What next?"

She made her way to the computer room and sat in her chair to look for a number of a plumber to call in the morning. Then she thought there was maybe someone in our church who could help. She called Mrs. Janet who assured her that everything would be all right and not to worry about the well.

Mom hung up the phone and began to cry. I said, "Mom, it just occurred to me that the devil is throwing these things at us to keep our minds off of the children's mission trip." Both of us were honest enough to admit that through the adversity of the day, neither of us had taken the time to pray for the young people and the staff in Puerto Rico. "God is bigger than these problems and He has gotten us through so much more than this." She went to her bed. I went to mine. We both began to pray. I'm not sure what she prayed, but I am pretty confidant that her prayer was similar to mine, praying for our young people to see the lost, praying that they will be a blessing to our missionary there in Puerto Rico. Praying for our staff, for Mrs. Debbie at church who faced cancer surgery today, knowing the outcome will most likely not be promising. Praying for Mrs. Tina's daddy who faces surgery tomorrow morning, and for Mrs. Coleen who is recovering from a very serious surgery. Praying for a family that is broken and trying to move on. Praying for a church member who will be leaving for Iraq soon, leaving behind his wife and three children. For all kinds of burdens on other brothers and sisters hearts. Eventually, we were both asleep.

And then at 9:45 the phone rang. It was Mrs. Janet calling to say that some men in the church were on their way over to make sure we had water in the morning. Thank you, Brother Larry H, Brother Mark H, and Brother Bowen, for coming out so late and working on the well. As I watched you from the kitchen window I thanked the Lord for each one of you, for coming out so late and getting the water running for my mom. You will never know what your kindness means. It was almost 11:30 when they finished. God will bless them, I know it!

I've asked that the parents who read this blog not say anything to your children if they are in Puerto Rico. I certainly do not want Justin and Hannah knowing. I would hate for this to ruin their trip and get their hearts on something they can not do anything about.

Daddy is in God's hands and just so you'll know, I have it on good authority that he is his jovial self. Making the nurses laugh and realize they have a character on their hands. Isn't that funny? I'm home crying and worrying and he's laying in a hospital bed, nearly blind, making people laugh.

God is good....all the time.

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