Thimble Thoughts: Ever Had One Of THOSE Days?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ever Had One Of THOSE Days?

Yeah, me too! I had one of THOSE days yesterday.

I was already feeling somewhat emotional from seeing my babes off to Puerto Rico. I thought that would be the only sad thing in my day. But alas, I was wrong.

As you know, daddy is VERY sick. His sinus infection has caused him not to be able to see out of one eye and his other eye he can't seem to focus. Normally he drives himself to and from dialysis, but with this going on with his eyes, he certainly can NOT do that. So, mom took him to dialysis before work and I picked him up. He was terribly weak with his blood pressure being very low.

With his bp being so low, I knew I'd need to help him up the steps. After twenty minutes, we finally made it. Poor thing no sooner got out of the car that he started going down. I was standing behind him so I quickly wrapped my arms around him and, although he still hit the ground, I was able to help break his fall. I just had him sit there momentarily until he felt he had enough strength to try again. When he was ready, I braced myself with my arms through his and began to lift him up. Just as he was almost up, his legs gave out again and down he went. This time pulling my back. He's somewhat stubborn, as most people know, so I couldn't talk him out of trying to crawl. He got on his hands and knees and just stayed there, unable to move. The sidewalk was so hard on his knees he began to cry. I ran up the porch steps and grabbed a rocking chair. After several attempts, we were able to get him in the chair. He sat there while I raced in the house to fix him a cold drink. It was so hot outside yesterday. Finally, we were able to make it up the steps and into the house, just in time for him to fall into his chair. Bless his heart. He stayed there the remaining part of his day.

I was going to clean the house, but before I did, I decided to cook their supper for the evening. Daddy normally cooks for them, but again, since he can't see what he's doing, I figured I'd cook their meal so momma wouldn't have to when she got home from work. Remember, she's sick too!

So, the meal was completed, the house was finished, and daddy was resting in his chair. Time to get home. We had dinner plans with Tim and Angie C. I had enough time to get home, shower, and take a nap before leaving.

As I pulled away from my parent's home, something just didn't feel right. The car didn't want to seem to go. I made my first turn and checked to make sure I was completely in drive. I was. I looked at the wasn't working. Neither was the odometer or anything else on my dash. I made it to a little country store when it finally cut off. Drifting into the parking lot, I thought to myself, Oh dear....poor Bruce. He and Harry pulled up about 15 minutes later. Bruce jumped the car off, but it didn't hold it long enough to switch gears. We'd have to have it towed. We drove to our mechanic, which was fairly close by, but he didn't have a tow truck. He did tell Bruce that if he had a charger (which he does) he could charge it up enough to get it there from where it was. Our charger was at home though. For sake of time, Bruce decided to jumped it off again and this time left it running in hopes that it would charge the battery long enough to get it to our mechanic. Then he remembered this "thing" he had in his truck. Apparently it jumps the battery without using another car. ANYWAY! He hooks that up, closes the hood down on top of it and off he goes. But here's the thing.....the hood wasn't secure. So while Harrison and I traveled behind him to the mechanics, we were stunned and worried when we saw...and heard...the hood come flying up. Bruce continued driving, since he was able to watch the road through a crack. He drove like this about a half mile before he made it to the mechanic's. Needless to say, he was a bit upset when he saw what had happened to my hood and roof because of the hood flying up. So now, not only is the car broke down, but the hood and roof are damaged too. I suppose I could have been all over Bruce about that happening, but I think he was beating himself up enough. Besides, I didn't really care about the hood and the roof. I was just happy he wasn't harmed in the process!

We did make it home, but would this day get any better? My back was really starting to hurt. I was exhausted. Hot. Wondering about my babies. Thinking about daddy. Praying....for everything and everyone! I couldn't WAIT to get home, step into a hot shower, and rest before going to dinner. There wasn't time for a nap, but it sure felt good to put my feet up, in a cool house.

Bruce made a call to Mrs. Janet who let us know the kids were safe and sound in Puerto Rico. Not long after, my baby girl called. Her sweet little voice made the rest of the day seem like a blur.

We met Tim and Angie at Don's for supper. We enjoyed our time with them and it was so nice to be with friends. Thanks, Tim and Angie, for a great time of fellowship. We needed it and we had a wonderful time with y'all.

We all went to Sonic for ice cream!

While we were at Sonic, Bruce's Uncle Robert and Aunt Sylvia, Uncle Richard and Aunt Diane showed up.

While we were saying hello and stealing hugs, Theresa and Tammy showed up.

And THEN! While we were standing around talking, a policeman pulled up and started shining his light right in my face. I thought they were looking for someone at first. Then I realized it was Brother Tim and his K-9 dog, Malachi.

Most of my day was spent with burdens on my heart. My children. My sick daddy. My car. My husband. But it ended with a lot of laughter and smiles. And when we got home there was, not one, but TWO, calls from my kids.

I'm so blessed.

Although this day looks like it may have some "holes" in it, I'm just going to go with it, knowing the Lord is in control.