Thimble Thoughts: Happy Birthday, Celine!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Celine!!

Celine is more to me than just a child I babysit. To us, she is a part of our family. We love her so much and it was wonderful to help her celebrate her FIFTH birthday. I can't believe she's already five. Even though she acts sixteen sometimes.

Celine is full of fun and life. Always buzzing around and bringing smiles to those she's around.

WE LOVE YOU, CELINE!! You're a precious, wonderful part of our lives and we're so thankful the Lord brought you to us.

Amanda ordered Celine's cake from Amy. She did a cake to resemble cotton candy, which I thought was soooooo cute! Amy has such a talent for cake decorating and I always get excited to see what she's done "this time!" Isn't that cute?

The tables were decorated pink and blue with cotton candy taped to the back of each chair for the children to take home and skittles were used as confetti. Cute idea, Mander!!

There was a blow up slide...

...and one of those air bouncy things. Both of which were quite popular with the kiddies.

There was a brief moment of devouring cake and ice cream.

And then it was present time. Let's see, she turned five, so for five years she has LOVED music. She knows the Sons of Faith CD by heart. When I watch her from the choir, she's singing every word right along with us. It's so sweet. She likes to listen to my iPod when we're traveling somewhere, so we bought her an MP3 player and her daddy is going to load some music on it for her. She seemed really happy with it, as well as all the other wonderful gifts she was given.

Happy Birthday, Celine. You're a sweetheart!