Thimble Thoughts: Dinner With Tim and Angie

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dinner With Tim and Angie

As I said in the post below, we had dinner at Don's last night with Brother Tim, Mrs. Angie, and their youngest son, Logan. Their oldest son, "Todd," is in Puerto Rico too.

Angie and her sweetheart son, Logan. He is soooooo funny! He definitely has his own personality. lol And Angie has the sweetest voice. She's so nice and fun to talk to.

This is Brother Tim. He's a "special" case, this one. By the way, the wall tile in the background is not tile. I'm not sure what the wall was, but the tile markings were done with a magic marker. Pretty wild, huh?

Logan was hiding from my camera, but I GOT HIM!

At Sonic, Logan and Harrison found fun on the merry-go-round.

But then it was ice cream time. They were very serious about their ice cream!

These were Bruce's kin folk that showed up. From left to right is Aunt Diane, Uncle Robert, Uncle Richard, and Aunt Sylvia. Uncle Richard and Aunt Sylvia are my mother-in-law's brother and sister. These here are all good people and we love them so much!!

Theresa and Tammy were at Sonic too. They are so fun to be around. When you need to be around happy people, these are two that you look for!

And then of course was Brother Tim. Here he was showing his dog, Malachi, to someone at Sonic. The dog was not happy. Keep in mind, peeps, that these K-9 dogs are NOT pets. But I will say I have great respect for the dog. LOL.....Tim too, but I'm NOT telling him that!

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