Thimble Thoughts: VBS 2007, Thursday and Friday night

Saturday, July 28, 2007

VBS 2007, Thursday and Friday night

Do you hear that? It's so quiet in blogsphere. Where have y'all been?? Everyone must have had a busy week and weekend like I did. I loved Bible school and it was nice having my nephew Carl here with me the last four days. My B-in law picked him up around 8:00. Harrison was bummed out to see him go, but they had a wonderful time together. And the best part about Carl being here is that he told me he asked Jesus into his heart Wednesday night.

This is Nathaniel. He was one of our teens saved at youth camp last week. And also one of our favored puppeteers for VBS.

Singing Deep and Wide






Coming in for closing assmebly



That's my dad there in the glasses and Cassie's daddy next to him.

A couple of our bus kids praying

More of our bus kids

Bruce's friend, Mark. His daughter came to VBS with one of our regular bus kids.

The last night of VBS, our lesson was on the gift of Spiritual Influences. I brought pictures of some of my spiritual influences to show the children. Left to right/top to bottom, My Bruce, mom, my daddy, Mrs. Ava & Pastor Goodman, and my friend, Janet.

We fed the children a hotdog supper Friday night. One little girl, and I mean LITTLE girl, ate three hotdogs, a cookie, a cupcake, and a drink. It was really pitiful how hungry she was. Mom was scared to death she would be sick, but she wasn't. She was happy as a lark.

The girls had won the penny war again on Thursday. But now Friday was here. What would happen? I'll tell you.......................

The girls won, of course!

Which led to what every child and adult had been waiting the entire week for. Mrs. Liz eagerly filled her pie shell with whipped cream that would adorn her husband's head and face. There was much glee on her own face as she decorated her husband to resemble Sunday's dessert.

I do admit, though, he took it like a champ.

So that's the end of the story....VBS is over. Lessons were taught, bellies were fed, the girls won, and souls were saved.

That's what it's all about.